Jackson billboards falsely advertise election date

Updated: Oct. 20, 2019 at 11:24 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A controversial billboard placed in multiple Jackson neighborhoods is sparking concerns for voters. A giant red billboard is falsely advertising election day as November 16th. So was this intentional or an honest mistake?

If you have driven down Old Square Road or Northside Drive in Jackson lately... you might have seen a billboard that made you look twice.

A bright red billboard placed in different neighborhoods across the Jackson Metro read “Vote: Election Day November 16.″

But we all know the day Mississippi voters head to the polls... is November 5th.

Sirena Wilson lives near the billboards and noticed the incorrect voting date right away.

“I have been trying to get the word out to the public through social media so everyone could share so people know the voting date has not changed and it is still November 5th.”

Wilson believes it’s possible the billboards incorrect information might have been intentional.

“Not sure if that was the goal to make sure people get the wrong date? To not be able to vote? Either way whatever party you want to vote for it is still the wrong date.”

Since the controversial signs have exploded across social media.. Lamar Advertising has sent a crew to flip over the billboards.

“It is irresponsible. Whoever put up the billboards needs to issue an apology!”

When I reached out for a comment about the Billboard, a VOTE.ORG representative replied with the following statement saying

"We at were disappointed and frustrated to learn that on Friday a handful of billboards that were created for Louisiana (where the elections are held on November 16) were erroneously put up in certain locations in Jackson, MS, resulting in the wrong election date being shown to MS voters for a brief period of time. "

The VOTE.ORG rep says it’s their mission to provide voters the necessary tools and resources to vote.

“The billboards containing the incorrect date were identified shortly after they were put up and, within hours, were covered up by the vendor responsible for erroneously placing them. It is’s primary mission to provide voters in communities with the resources they need to vote, including accurate information about upcoming elections.”

“Billboards displaying the correct election date will be put up in the same locations as soon as possible. We at are also taking additional measures to ensure accurate information regarding the upcoming election is provided to all MS voters. It is our mission to give voters access to accurate, helpful information to get out and vote. We remain committed to doing that work in MS and nationwide.”

Wilson say's it's more important then ever to speak up when you see something wrong.

“We have to make sure everybody has an opportunity to go out and exercise their right to vote but on the right voting date.”

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