140 gamers compete in Fortnite Duo Tournament in Ridgeland

140 gamers compete in Fortnite Duo Tournament in Ridgeland

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi is known to be the most Fortnite-loving state in the country, so there’s no better place to play. Saturday, over 100 people came to Northpark Mall focused and confident to compete in the Fortnite Duo Tournament.

Brandon Loggins owns The Hangout Gamer Lounge in Brandon and partnered with the mall to host the event.

“You come in and you play PS4 or XBOX and you compete against other players. And the biggest, or best player is going to win 300 dollars in gift cards,” he said.

Video-game players practice several hours a day to increase their skills.

Kymani, an 8-year-old gamer, said he plays until late at night after school every day and Christian, an 11-year-old gamer, said he plays at least five hours a day.

“It’s a decent game. They have changed the rules and they make the game better so that people will come back to it,” said Kanyevious, a 10-year-old gamer.

Though they were competing against each other, the goal of the tournament was to bring the gamers together. “Gaming -- people think it’s bad, but actually, it brings people together. And since not online, we’re actually in person. We can actually bond together in person,” said Loggins.

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