Heavy rain fights extreme drought in Mississippi; Statewide burn ban lifted

Rain reducing extreme drought throughout state of Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Tuesday’s rain helped to lift burning restrictions across the state of Mississippi.

As moderate to heavy rains trailed over the state Tuesday, the statewide burn ban was lifted.

It was also lifted in other places like Rankin County.

Individual counties will determine whether to lift the ban, working in hand with the State Forestry Commission.

Hinds County, which is still under a burn ban, expects to lift theirs in coming days due to rain dampening the region.

Many areas were 7-8 inches of rain shy from where they should be for rainfall this time of year.

Flood impacts drought
Flood impacts drought (Source: David Kenney)

The extreme drought is also having some impact on other vegetation, shrubbery and trees.

If you notice plants looking brown in your yard or garden, don’t panic.

Roger Gallian at Lakeland Home and Garden says, “Grass may have already gone dormant. The rain will pick it up, but it’s not going to establish it again. We don’t have enough time left for people to fertilize and get it going again. Just let nature take it’s course, it will show up as time goes along.”

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department had all hands on deck during today’s rain.

Deputies were out in their M-RAP vehicle patrolling several neighborhoods that are prone to flooding.

Although several creeks and ditches were filled with rainwater, there were no reports of flooding or water in homes.

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