Bidding a fond fair-well to the 160th Mississippi State Fair

Bidding a fond fair-well to the 2019 Mississippi State Fair

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The 160th Mississippi State Fair: home of fried Oreos, funnel cakes, corn dogs and this year fairgoers got an extra treat!

“Once every 11 years, Columbus Day falls on the Monday after the fair," said Executive Director of the Fair Commission Steve Hutton. "We intentionally recognize that and we intentionally extend the fair one extra day.”

Hutton says it has been a fantastic year and once the cooler weather pushed through, so did the crowds.

“This is a special day,” he said. “Columbus Day is always a day parents bring their kids during the day. They do on weekends too, but there is something about Columbus Day that makes it special. We are glad we could extend it.”

And what about the highly anticipated Ice Dome? Well, Hutton say’s that’s been a huge hit too.

“It was great!" Hutton said. "Something we haven’t had in 60 years. The temperature was perfect. No rain in the Ice Dome and great crowds.”

And fairgoers said they made big plans for the Columbus Day holiday.

“We had a sleepover and planned this all out just so we could be with our friends!" admitted 6th grader Brooklyn Barns. "It has been so cool.”

“It has been so fun hanging out with friends and talking to everybody!” echoed Heaven Vaughn.

And as soon as the gates close this year, it’s time to make plans for next year.

“We start planning for the rodeo right after this year and then it’s time to plan for the 2020 fair,” said Hutton.

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