Back the Blue event honors wounded Deputy Brad Sullivan

Back the Blue event honors wounded Deputy Brad Sullivan
Back the Blue event honors Deputy Brad Sullivan (Source: WLBT)

FLORA, Miss. (WLBT) - Deputy Brad Sullivan has received support from all over the state.

Sunday the community stepped up once again to show support to not only Deputy Sullivan, but all law enforcement.

“It is truly amazing that the community has supported us in the way they have. Not just this community, surrounding communities across the state even across the country,” said Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.

On September 5, the Madison County Sheriff’s office worst nightmare became a reality when one of their own was shot and seriously injured in the line of duty.

The ‘Back the Blue’ event brought together community members, law enforcement and first responders from all over.

From live music and food to activities for kids and everything else in between.

And the best part, all proceeds raised at the fundraising event will go directly to support funds for Deputy Sullivan and his family.

“We are just trying to raise funds to help his day to day stuff. Keep his house note paid... lights on... lawn mowed, take care of his kids. Together we want to come together and it is amazing. I don’t think I asked a single person who said no,” said one of the organizers of the event, Rob Lehman.

People attending the event say they want to show their appreciation for all law enforcement... but especially Deputy Sullivan.

“My dad is in law enforcement and it is so important to honor Brad Sullivan [and] all the sacrifices he has made. My dad is good friends with him. Just to know his story and everything he has done for people it’s extremely important for us to be here,” said Emerson Rhinewalt.

Erin Stone’s husband has been in law enforcement for the last 15 years... she say’s it’s important to stick together when times are tough.

“I would like for Brad to just know that we love him. We are thankful for him. He is our hero.”

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker says the last few months have been difficult, but he has learned one important lesson through it all.

“Despite race, despite political beliefs, despite demographics.. there are good people in this world. The world is still full of good people.”

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