JSU’s Homecoming Week brings revenue to the City of Jackson

JSU Homecoming

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -Homecoming week for Jackson State University brings in fans, alumni and money.

Thousands have come to the city of Jackson to buy and spend before and after the game.

“Homecoming is always -- you sell more. Because, it is homecoming;" Vinson Duncan is one of the many vendors that cashed in on Jackson State University’s Homecoming game, Saturday.

Alumni and Tiger fans, like Mimi Berry, spending time and money to enjoy the festivities.

“We are celebrating an anniversary with our sorority so it’s our 25th so I mean, just that alone, thousands of dollars. You know, thousands of dollars when you think of hotels, flights, food, venues,” said Berry.

Duncan said the support that comes to historically black colleges and universities normally brings in lots of revenue, and Berry believes that is important.

“And I think it’s wonderful because it helps small businesses, even those that may not have a store front operation be able to take advantage of all of the money and wealth that is coming in from out of town and from people that are locally here,” said Berry.

“People come from all over to come to the school where they were educated from. So I think that’s a tremendous boost for the city, and for us as vendors,” said Duncan.

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