Provine High School students learn about distracted driving hands-on

Provine High School students learn about distracted driving hands-on

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - “Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive, and keep your eyes on the road -- don’t get distracted" was the message heard loud and clear on Tuesday at Provine High School.

Students learned just how risky it can be to drive under the influence or while distracted.

“It really kind of shocked me that somebody can drive -- some people actually drive like that. Like, what would make them drive like that because it’s not a good feeling,” said Zachary, a graduating senior.

Local U.S. Army recruiters took the kids onto the distracted driving trailer to try to drive while impaired in a virtual simulator.

Sergeant Smith said the delays in the system are similar to those experienced by drunk drivers.

“Having the abilities to safely demonstrate the dangers of distracted driving is paramount to a lot of people really understanding the differences to driving distracted and driving with impairments and everything, and driving normally,” he explained.

The students also rode a peddle bike while wearing goggles that impaired their vision. Each goggle resembled a different state of disorientation that one would feel while drunk, drowsy and high on drugs.

“It shook me but it really didn’t shake me because I know it wasn’t real life, but it made it seem like it was real life,” said Brandie, a graduating senior.

That’s the lesson Sergeant Smith wants them to understand.

“In life, you have to mitigate all the risks that you can. You can’t control what everybody else is doing on the road, but you can definitely control what you’re doing. So keeping that foremost in mind, it’s probably the safest thing you can do," said Smith.

The crew will be heading to other schools in the metro in the coming days.

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