Jackson motorists say extended traffic light outages across city pose hazard

Jackson motorists say extended traffic light outages across city pose hazard

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We've all run into traffic light outages in our travels, but when they're not working for months it can be frustrating.

At a busy intersection in a west Jackson neighborhood, residents say non-functioning traffic lights are especially unsafe after dark.

"It's very dangerous, especially at night," said Jackson resident Kourtney Paige.

He is talking about broken traffic signals at the intersection of Robinson Street and Lindsey Drive. According to residents, the devices were damaged by a charter bus accident in August.

Paige has called the city repeatedly asking for repairs.

“The area’s already dark because there’s not enough lighting around here,” added Paige. “A lot of people just don’t know and then the traffic is already bad in the first place, and so it’s pretty bad.”

The Jackson resident believes two months is too long to wait for repairs in this high traffic area.

More of the same about a mile west at the intersection of Robinson and Dixon Road, flashing red lights and stop signs.

And near downtown at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Silas Brown no repairs have been made to traffic signals there.

On July 19th an SUV crashed into a concrete light pole. Flashing lights and a stop sign have been in place since the accident.

Jackson’s Traffic Maintenance Section is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing traffic control devices.

There are more than 2,000 traffic signals and over 300 intersections.

“The outages are primarily due to a motorist hitting a traffic box or pole. Due to most of the traffic light issues occurring at the end of the fiscal year, the repairs were delayed to a lack of funds within the traffic maintenance budget to cover traffic light repairs,” said Jackson City Engineer Dr. Charles Williams.

“The new fiscal year started on October 1st, and we are moving monies to cover the required repairs. We are also obtaining quotes from contractors to help assist our traffic maintenance division with the repairs. We realize it is an inconvenience for the traveling public, but please know we are working expeditiously to restore the traffic lights back into operation. If motorists notice a traffic light out of service, please have them contact 311," added the city official.

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