39th annual Farish Street Heritage Festival kicks off in Jackson

39th Farish St Heritage Festival

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Loud music played as people walked into the 39th Annual Farish Street Heritage festival, Saturday.

Alberta Ross Gibson and the other board members said it takes all year to prepare for it.

“We celebrate not only the businesses, but we celebrate the entertainment business because it was like the entertainment district,” said Gibson.

Many vendors sold jewelry and other items throughout the festival. Food trucks lined the area as event goers watched live performances.

“23 artists that’s coming in tonight, we have gospel at the Alamo theater. We have the main heritage stage with the Rhythm and Blues,” said Gibson.

The neighborhood has an extensive history in Jackson, one that Perry Thomas wants to preserve; “...Farish Street really is a historic place. And I’ll be glad when they redo it so we can have somewhere to come. Other than having festivals once a year.”

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