'Ice Dome’ continues to be popular at MS State Fair

Getting Ice Dome Ready for Weekend

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Get ready to lace up your skates this year at the Mississippi State Fair.

One of the newest and most exciting additions to this year’s Mississippi State Fair is the new 8,000 square foot Ice Skating Rink.

Executive Director of the Fair Commission, Steve Hutton, says a company out of Miami, Florida got the ball rolling on the new ice skating rink back in September. But how long does it take to put all together? About a week!

“So what you do first is lay some pipes on the ground and put a wall around those pipes and you hook that up to a machine that pumps sub freezing liquid but it doesn’t freeze until it is 30 degrees zero. that’s the floor and then you spray water and it creates ice and then you have an ice rink!”

The Magic Ice America Company helped construct and manage the Ice Dome.

“It is 8,000 square feet and 6 inches thick and 4,000 cubic feet of ice and about 800 pairs of skates for people to use.”

Hutton say’s it’s a group effort to manage the Ice Rink... staffing the best of the best skate guards around.

“So Mississippian’s aren’t used to ice skating so we have a lot of wall huggers. But a lot of our skate guards have a lot of good skate experience.”

For only $10 you can come out to the Ice Skating Rink and skate throughout the day. Hutton say’s as always safety comes first, so they also have AMR on stand by for the skaters.

“We wanted to try and bring something exciting this year so we brought the Ice rink and we just wanted to bring the whole experience here!”

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