Mississippi Gubernatorial race continues to ramp up ahead of November general election

Mississippi Gubernatorial race continues to ramp up ahead of November general election

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi gubernatorial race is ramping up with new endorsements and ads.

The latest development in the Governor’s race comes via President Trump’s twitter.

“The President’s endorsement yesterday made it the biggest day in our campaign. President Trump is extremely popular in Mississippi,” Tate Reeves said Thursday.

Democratic nominee Jim Hood responded via statement.

“I will work with President Trump on infrastructure, vaping and other issues that help Mississippi," said Jim Hood. "I can’t do anything about the swamp in Washington, but I can drain the swamp in Jackson Tate Reeves created. I will stop the insider deals, like Tate getting caught coercing the Mississippi Department of Transportation to spend our money for a road to the 27 houses in his gated subdivision.”

“You have to look at this as a double edge sword," explained Millsaps Government and Politics chair Nathan Shrader. "On one hand you have a President who’s undergoing an impeachment inquiry.”

While he says that should be considered, he notes that the inquiry could help Tate Reeves.

“At least in terms of galvanizing the Republican base, exciting the Republican base, maybe getting some Republicans who were not necessarily excited about Tate Reeves up until this point, this might give them a reason if they’re going to treat this as Tate Reeves as a proxy for Donald Trump,” Shrader said.

But Shrader thinks a campaign stop by Trump, as the Governor has previously suggested, could be even more beneficial than the Twitter endorsement.

Meanwhile, what about all the ads? Reeves calling Hood a liberal. And Hood using the controversial frontage road project topic in his latest ad. Shrader says each fits the marks of effective campaign ads.

“It delivers a message," said Shrader. "It has an entertainment component that keeps you glued to it and also calls you to take an action and I think these ads are doing those things.”

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