Mother of 8-year-old now official suspect in his sexual battery and murder

Mother of 8-year-old now official suspect in his sexual battery and murder

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - When we first asked Ridgeland police about Dacoda Ray, charged with two counts of sexual battery just weeks after her younger son, Drake Ray died of what appeared to be asphyxiation, they didn’t have much to say about whether she was a suspect in his death or even if he was one of her alleged victims.

Information came in over the weekend that helped clear the picture, said Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal.

“We feel certain in saying Dacoda is a suspect in the death of her son based on the information we’ve received from the Medical Examiner’s office. The autopsy report, the crime scene itself, all that put together, she’s a good hard suspect. While there was suspicion early on, we can’t operate our cases like that and we’ve got to wait on some facts, and here recently, we’ve gotten the facts that lead us to the conclusion we’ve got now that she is responsible for her son’s death.”

Neal said Drake’s older brother was taken to Texas to live with some relatives after Drake’s death, and that as he became more comfortable with those family members, he began to divulge details of the alleged abuse against he and his brother, suffered at the hands of his mother.

The motive is has been blurry, but police say it has started to clear.

“She turned to her boys for some kind of fulfillment, and turning to her boys was an illegal act," Maybe through some disclosures that were made just before her son’s death, this may have pushed her to the brink where she felt she needed to take this action.”

Ray is not currently charged, but her case is expected to go before the October grand Jury.

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