HILARIOUS VIDEO: Camel chows down on Jackson woman’s hair at Brandon safari

Camel takes bite out of girls hair

BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - A camel decided a woman’s hair looked tasty at the McClain Lodge safari tour in Brandon on Saturday.

Johnise Antonia Rushing was visiting the popular safari in Brandon with her mom and her 1-year-old son Kylen, Jr.

Rushing said they had just finished feeding the camel carrots in the petting zoo portion of the safari when he decided to chomp down on her hair.

Her son and mom erupted in laughter as the camel held onto the bun in her hair, refusing to let go for several seconds.

“This was after he took our entire bag of carrots and ate the bag and all” Rushing said. “Then he walked off like a boss”.

Rushing said she and her family have visited the safari before, but this was definitely her first time meeting the camel.

She said that nobody was hurt and they found the experience to be hilarious and something they will never forget.

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