Hundreds take steps to raise awareness about kidney disease in Fondren

Hundreds take steps to raise awareness about kidney disease in Fondren

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - About 300 people participated in the Michael Rubenstein Memorial Kidney Walk in Fondren Saturday morning.

Some of them suffer from kidney disease like Jerry Gillum. He said he was diagnosed after having high blood pressure. He’s been coming to the walk for the past 15 years to raise awareness and inspire others.

Gillum said, “Don’t give up. Put the Lord first. He’ll always come through for you. Just put the Lord in front of your life.”

Kelly Hoffmann was with her family. She’s walking for her mother who also has kidney disease. Her mom isn’t letting the diagnosis get her down.

“She had her kidney transplant two years ago and she’s doing great. You wouldn’t have known something was wrong with her, even when she had her treatment. She kept on going. She went to her job. She just keep on trucking,” said Hoffmann.

According to doctors, kidney disease can be a silent killer and usually develops over time. Many people don’t know they have it until it’s very far along. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two leading causes.

The Mississippi Kidney Foundation stated there is no cure.

“Transplant is only one method of treatment. It’s not a for sure deal. Dialysis is only one other method of treatment where people go about three days a week about four hours each time. It’s almost like a part-time job for many people out there,” said Hall Carter, Executive Director of the Mississippi Kidney Foundation.

The walk is named in honor of former WLBT’s Sports personality Micheal Rubenstein. He was a kidney transplant recipient who died in 2011.

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