Five Mississippi counties now under a burn ban

Five Mississippi counties now under burn bans

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been weeks since most of the Magnolia State has seen significant rainfall, sparking wildfires and concerns for State Forestry Commission Officials.

Right now Mississippi has five counties that are under a burn ban.

“Any little small spark can start a wildfire. And those wildfires can get out of control really quickly,” says Jason Scott, Director of Information and Outreach with the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

As Mississippi’s scorching hot temperatures continue to rise so do the number of wildfires.

Over the past two weeks, Mississippi Forestry Commission Wildland firefighters have responded to more than 108 wildfires across the Magnolia State, burning a whopping 2,000 acres!

“Most of these fires have been small," said Scott, "ten, fifteen, twenty acre fires, but we have had several that have gotten over 100 acres.”

So what does a burn ban really mean? Scott explains:

“Adams, Copiah, Lauterdale, Lee, and Montgomery Counties are under burn bans. What this means is if your county is under a burn ban, no outdoor burning is permitted.”

That includes fire pits, brush piles, or any kind of outdoor burning.

So what will it take to put an end to the burn bans? Well Scott says it’s all up to the weather.

“If we see significant rainfall within the next week we may not see anymore burn bans. Unfortunately, the next 10 day forecast for most of the State is no significant rainfall.”

Scott says the burn ban’s main purpose is to protect the community as much as possible. “It is just for safety to protect property, your home, and your land from getting burned up by these fires.”

If you aren’t sure whether you’re under a burn ban or not, check out the Mississippi Foresty Commission website.

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