City of Jackson to discuss possible “buffer zone” for Mississippi’s only abortion-providing clinic

City of Jackson to discuss possible “buffer zone” for Mississippi’s only abortion-providing clinic

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Most mornings outside of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization start out with anti-abortion advocates picketing and making noise as patients make their way inside.

“People scream at women coming in here that they are murderers, that they’re here to kill their baby. No one should have to be subjected to that. They walk right up to them, give them no space,” said Derenda Hancock, an organizer with Pinkhouse Defenders.

She and the other members escort people in and out of the clinic.

The City of Jackson is introducing an ordinance that would push these protesters back by creating buffer and bubble zones for the clinic.

“The proposed ordinance creates a buffer/bubble zone surrounding JWHO, 15 feet for picketing and a 100 foot buffer/8 foot bubble for approaching people to give pamphlets or to speak with them. It also tightly regulates amplified sound around the clinic, prohibiting amplified sound within 100 feet of the property line," said the Defenders.

“I think every abortion clinic in the nation should have a buffer zone, a bubble zone, to protect that patient to give them the privacy they deserve,” said Hancock.

Afternoons are much quieter around JWHO as Barbara Beavers with 40 days of Life held her sign outside of the clinic.

She fears this will hinder the way she spreads the anti-abortion message.

“Nobody wants to have an abortion. And, we need to be here at this place to offer help and hope to those women that are coming here and we need to be close enough to do that.. And that ordinance with effectively eliminate our options of that,” said Beavers.

Advocates from both sides of the debate plan to attend and speak during Thursday’s city council meeting.

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