MBI investigator details events leading up to arrest of accused shooter of Madison County deputy

Accused shooter of Madison County deputy denied bond

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The man accused of shooting at Madison County deputies with a fully-automatic weapon in a Sept. 5 shootout that left Deputy Brad Sullivan fighting for life was denied bond in Judge John Emfinger’s court today.

Edgar Egbert walked into the courtroom in a yellow jumpsuit from the Rankin County jail.

There wasn’t standing room in the courtroom for all of Sullivan’s law enforcement brothers and sisters who had come to look at the man who may have put Sullivan in his life’s greatest struggle and who also allegedly tried to take out another five deputies on the same day.

Egbert waived his preliminary hearing, but in the bond hearing, MBI Investigator Troy Travis detailed the events leading up to his arrest. It started on September 4, Travis said, when Egbert kidnapped a man he believed to be his wife’s lover.

The alleged kidnapping victim, Travis said, had made friends and moved in recently with Egbert and his wife Cadie. When Cadie would work her job as an Uber driver at night, the victim would ride with her.

On September 4, Travis said Egbert called Cadie and the victim to meet him at Walgreens to talk. The victim got out of the car so the couple could talk, but instead of getting in the car with his wife, Egbert pulled a gun on the victim and forced him into the car with him. He took him back to his home and secured him with a large chain.

The wife called the sheriff’s department, and deputies were sent to the scene. They were waiting for back up, but then they saw Egbert fleeing the home. They chased him with lights and sirens blazing and he didn’t stop, Travis said. He was speeding and ignoring traffic devices, and passed a school bus at a high rate of speed with oncoming traffic.

“Edgar was posing grave danger to the public and himself, and a decision was made to put out spike strips,” Travis said.

The spike strips worked but didn’t stop the vehicle right away. The car finally became completely disabled in a ditch at the intersection on Highway 16 next to the country club.

“Edgar exits that vehicle and begins to engage the sheriff’s department immediately,” Travis said.

Photos were introduced that showed the interior of Egbert’s Jeep. It included a semi-automatic rifle and a fully-automatic rifle as well as empty magazines.

Walking the prosecutor through several photos of the Sheriff’s Department vehicles that were shot in the melee, Travis’ testimony established that each of the six vehicles took heavy fire. Not only that, but Egbert was only shooting at marked police vehicles, Travis said.

District Attorney John Bramlett said later that Egbert did not shoot at the unmarked police cars, civilian vehicles, or a dump truck that were also in the area. Egbert’s Jeep was at an angle in the ditch, and he was shooting from a standing position, using the Jeep for cover.

All in all, 89 shell casings were recovered in the area where Egbert was shooting, Travis said, as well as three or four magazines capable of holding up to 30 rounds each.

“He was not there for any other reason that day except to kill those sheriff’s deputies,” Travis testified.

Sullivan is still in critical condition, but to questions about his progress, Bramlett said, “There’s no bad news, and the doctors say that’s good news.”

Bramlett also asked people once again to pray for Sullivan, his family, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, and law enforcement in general.

“It’s the most powerful thing we can do,” he said.

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