Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on vaping crisis

Hood presser on e-cigarettes

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The vaping crisis is causing concerns, which has lead to legislative action in other states. Mississippi leaders told WLBT how they would approach the problem.

“President Trump came out last week and I agree with him that we need to stop the vaping. I mean, it’s just tobacco all over again," said Jim Hood, Mississippi Attorney General.

Hood proposed how he plans to help Mississippi confront the vaping problem if elected to the governor’s seat, Thursday.

Legislative bills and letters to e-cigarette vendors laid across the table showing efforts Hood said were shot down in the past.

“This is a very dangerous issue and it’s a man-made tragedy. We knew better than this, to let this happen, our legislature knows better than this. This is one of the first bills that I intend to induce and have introduced into the legislature. If I’m elected governor, I’ll certainly continue to support this,” he said.

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves' campaign office sent a statement on the matter that reads:

"Tate believes that we must deal with this new issue in a way that protects the safety of our children. It will require some study and consideration to determine the best path forward—but we must always put the health of Mississippi's kids first."

Hood and Reeves will face off in the governor's race in November.

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