Belhaven residents report rash of armed robberies

Belhaven residents report rash of armed robberies

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Residents of Belhaven and Belhaven Heights say they are grateful no one was injured during several armed robberies.

Heather Cole was home when her neighbors were robbed at gunpoint sometime before 8 p.m. last week.

The Harding Street resident is surprised that crimes of this nature are happening more often, but pleased with the police response.

“There were some checkpoints. There was one really literally outside my house,” said Cole. “There were checkpoints, and I’ve seen a much stronger presence. I see the blue lights going by outside my window at night, so I know they’re here."

Cole is among the neighbors using Nextdoor on social media to keep up with the crime in the area.

We’re told a woman was held up at gunpoint last Monday on Myrtle Street. Three men on foot reportedly took her car, a black SUV.

Tuesday’s Harding Street armed robbery involved a black SUV. There reportedly was an attempted robbery at Laurel Park minutes later in a vehicle described as that same SUV.

And Friday, employees of a lawn care service were robbed at gunpoint on Arlington Street.

Residents say you should be familiar with neighbors so you know if something doesn’t look right with them or their home and property.

“I think it’s important that we look out for our neighbors,” said Cole. “Not be all in each other’s business, but be concerned, be observant, be aware, trust your instincts."

The Jackson Police Department has not responded to our requests for information on whether the cases are connected, if there are any suspects or if arrests have been made.

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