Jackson mayor declares September “Hunger Action Month”

Jackson mayor declares September “Hunger Action Month”
Mayor Lumumba announces partnership to battle hunger in Jackson (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The City of Jackson comes to the table with the Jackson Meals Matter Task Force, Mississippi Food Network and Feeding America to declare September Hunger Action Month.

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba said grant funds are being put to good use to make sure those in the capital city who need something to eat, get something to eat.

Dr. Charles Beady, head of the Mississippi Food Network, shared a disturbing statistic.

Dr. Beady said, ”In the state of Mississippi, we have about 600-thousand people who go to bed every night not knowing how or when they might get their next meal.."

Tyson Jackson of Jackson Meals Matter said, “This is an opportunity for all of us in the city of Jackson to be aware about hunger, be aware about young hunger, adult hunger, senior hunger; all hunger that exists in the city of Jackson.”

Jackson said after the successful summer feeding program for out-of-school kids, the city is looking at the possibility of establishing a backpack program to make sure kids don’t go hungry.

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