Is digital romance the new norm? One local couple shares their online dating success

Is digital romance the new norm? One local couple shares their online dating success

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Millions of people turn to online dating in hopes of finding that special someone, and now Facebook, the Internet’s biggest social media network, is adding a dating app, making it easier then ever to connect with others.

Twenty years ago, couples met face-to-face. At the grocery store, the gym, through mutual friends, but in 2019 forty-percent of couples have met their soulmate online.

Right now, 360 million people are active on Facebook. Here’s how their new dating app works.

The app will offer users potential matches based off of your profile's current likes, interests, and location.

With online dating, you could be one click away from finding the love of your life! But how common is it? I sat down with a relationship expert who says online dating is the new norm.

“It has definitely become so common to see clients that have met their significant other online,” said Anna Maria Dempsey, a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor.

Dempsey has helped countless couples improve their relationship. She says the new Facebook dating app is just another great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.

“Facebook has always been great at staying ahead of all the trends. To see them make a dating app isn’t surprising because I think they see this is the future of connecting people.”

So before you dive into the online dating world, here’s what Dempsey recommends.

“I think no matter what you try, just remember there is no right or wrong way to do it.”

One couple in the area tell’s 3 On Your Side that they married after only a few months of knowing each other and it all started online.

“I just thought I would do a little online shopping and see if I could find myself a beautiful bride... it worked out,” joked Jeremy Jungling.

Jeremy and Claire Jungling both signed up for an online dating website on the same day. Five months later they said ‘I do!'

“I don’t always recommend you marry someone fast online but in this case? It worked out and I am so happy!”

“He is just really great... and I got him online!” Claire laughed.

Eight years later, they have a four-year-old little boy and another baby on the way.

“She is tough, she is strong. Always by my side. She is the strong one even though she thinks I’m the strong one, but I’m only strong because of her,” said Jeremy.

“It was meant to be. Absolutely,” Claire echoed.

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