Consider This: Safety on the Water


JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - This week there was a terrible tragedy on a local lake that ended with three people drowning. In July two teenagers lost their lives while swimming in the Bogue Chitto River near McComb. Those people might be alive today if they were wearing a personal flotation device, or as most of us call it… a life jacket.

“Any advice I can give is if you can’t swim, wear a life jacket. If you can swim and you’re in a tedious situation like that, still wear a life jacket and be cognizant of your surroundings,” said Marcus Buffington, Hinds County Dive Team.

Accidents happen quickly and we all know there are unknown dangers in the water. There are sink holes, strong rapids and debris that you can’t see. The shore is often much further than it looks and when someone gets into trouble on the water, they can quickly become tired and panic. If you are not an excellent swimmer, and in many situations even if you are a good swimmer, you need to wear a life jacket. Whether on a boat, swimming in a lake, a creek or river or just on the bank near the water, if you’re a weak swimmer put on a personal flotation device. If you’re a parent or guardian, make sure all children are wearing a life preserver. If an accident happens, the chances of surviving are much, much better for the person who is wearing a life jacket

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