Alleged shooter of Madison County Deputy used fully automatic military weapon

Alleged shooter of Madison County Deputy used fully automatic military weapon
Dozens of law enforcement vehicles were on scene after a shootout that left a deputy fighting for his life. (Source: Therese Apel)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - On the day that Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan was shot, Sheriff Randy Tucker told Supertalk Radio host Paul Gallo that he saw at least two fully-automatic weapons in the alleged shooter’s possession.

This week, authorities have confirmed that two fully-automatic weapons were recovered at the scene, explaining extensive damage to several law enforcement vehicles and the reports that the shooter kept law enforcement pinned down by “a barrage of gunfire” during the shootout.

One of those weapons was the M4, a carbine-length weapon used primarily by the United States military, particularly the Army and the Marines.

“That’s extremely rare, you have to have a dealers’ license and there’s a whole set of fees there, and they have to be transferable only to another dealer so the public can’t have access to a fully-automatic,” said John White, who owns Two Gun Tactical in Flowood.

The alleged shooter, Edgar Egbert, is a former firearms instructor and former military, Tucker told Gallo. That may explain the choice of weapons -- guns that badly damaged 6 patrol cars while firing up to 100 rounds.

District Attorney John Bramlett confirmed the intensity of the shooting to WLBT, as well as the fact that the weapons were automatic. Several other agencies were unable to comment pending the investigation and the Department of Public Safety’s unwillingness to release the information, as they are lead on the case.

It’s not clear at this point where the shooter got the M4.

“An M4 is more of a military version," said White. "Some military versions have a 3-round burst, or can shoot three rounds fully automatic, but you can’t just purchase those, just like fully automatic, they’re not available to the public.”

According to law enforcement, out of all the gun violence in the United States per year, only 4-5 of those crimes are committed with fully-automatic weapons, but they always leave their mark.

Deputy Sullivan is still in the hospital six days after his shooting, and his friends say he has a tough fight ahead.

This is a developing story.

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