Madison church holds prayer service for wounded deputy

Madison church holds prayer service for wounded deputy

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been four days since Deputy Bradly Sullivan was shot after a police chase turned into a shoot-out in Madison County.

Tonight at Broadmoor Baptist Church, many attended a prayer service for the Sullivan family; specifically at 6:23, since 23 is the deputy’s badge number.

“He is in my heart and I love him very very much,” said Harrison Adams about his baseball coach, Deputy Sullivan.

“He just always gave lots of encouragement to all the players and got us hyped up. He is a very good coach.”

An emotional Adams fought back tears.

“I pray to God for him to get through his surgeries well and come out of the hospital still standing.”

Tony Adams is a friend of Sullivan’s and came out to support the family. Adams tearfully recalls the moment he heard the news about his friend.

“It was so hard to believe... he just needs the prayers. He has a son. I know how much he loves his son and he continues to put that badge on and protect people he doesn’t even know.”

Ron and Ann Jones also showed up to the service not knowing Sullivan or his family. They say they support anyone who protects their community.

“We just want to show our support to the family and the whole Madison County Sheriff’s Department and let them know we are behind them one-hundred percent. We are here for him. Anything we can do to help we are here for him, doesn’t matter what it is.”

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