Vicksburg sees big return on recreational and tourism investments

Vicksburg sees big return on recreational and tourism investments

Vicksburg, Miss. (WLBT) - Vicksburg’s Mayor George Flaggs says over the past two years the city has invested more than $27 million into upgrading and adding new recreational facilities.

Those who live and work in the city are seeing a big return on the investments happening around town.

There is a new and improved Halls Ferry Road Tennis Court facility and city leaders say it’s big change from two years ago.

“Two years, we lost a professional week-long tournament. It is a money tournament and we lost it because our bathrooms were not qualified, so we knew we had to fix it,” said Alderman Alex Monsour.

Aldermen Alex Monsour says the city spent around $800,000 giving it a face lift, everything from brand new club house to resurfacing the tennis courts, and even new restrooms.

“If you improve it to the point where you are better than everybody else or equal to the top, then you are not going to lose the business just like this facility,” said Monsour.

Residents out at the facility enjoying Labor Day couldn't agree more.

“Staying viable as a thriving city makes people come here and stay here,” said a Vicksburg resident.

“That’s what it is about, just keeping your community healthy and active,” said another.

Over the past two years, the city has invested several million dollars into building new parks, improving its splash pad in the downtown area, as well as its ball fields.

There was also a bond issue for a $24 million state-of-the-art sports park. It’s being paid for by a 2 percent restaurant and hotel tax.

“Local youth and getting people involved in sports and not just sports, but getting people out and about,” said Sports Force Parks General Manager Jason Jackson.

City leaders say citizens are not the only ones profiting from these upgrades and investments, it’s also paying off for many businesses.

They say some restaurants have seen a spike in sales by 30 to 60 percent.

“That is barometer you live by, bringing tax revenue in to fill your coffers up so you can fix the stuff in your city,” said Alderman Monsour.

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