Democratic candidates stump for votes ahead of general election

Democratic candidates stump for votes ahead of general election

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Several Democratic candidates delivered their pitch for votes to labor union supporters Monday at the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic.

They’re running in a state that most describe as a red state.

“It’s the perfect time for us to turn this state from red to blue,” said Insurance Commissioner candidate Robert Amos-D.

“The things that are going on in our country and our state that people are ready for someone who will go and fight for them," explained Jennifer Riley-Collins, Democratic nominee for Attorney General. "And the Democratic party has shown that we are fighters. We are protectors. We are defenders.”

“We need to elect the best candidate, not the best letter,” said Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Jay Hughes.

Meanwhile, Mississippi Republicans recently made history. For the first time ever, more Republicans than Democrats voted in a state primary election.

But some of the Democrats maintain they’re expecting to garner votes from both Republicans and Democrats in November.

“Without a doubt," noted Hughes when asked if he thinks Mississippians may be willing to look past the letter behind the name. "Based on polling, how much I’m pulling from the other side of the aisle and the most common thing I’m hearing whether it’s educators, state employees, or a truck driver, the fact is they’re saying I’m voting for the person, not the party. And we need that. The two party system is struggling and strangling America and Mississippi.”

“I’m seeing people come across the aisle. I’ve had Republicans, a lot of them encourage me to run for Governor cause they know what we’re doing is not working," said Democratic nominee for Governor Jim Hood. "Our kids are leaving our state. So, I’m worried about the same issues they are. That’s what is comforting is to see both Democrats and Republicans come together in the middle and you can govern with that kind of coalition.”

The general election will be held November 5th.

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