Mississippi Governor’s race heats up with GOP runoff complete

Updated: Aug. 28, 2019 at 8:54 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The primaries and runoffs are over and all eyes are on November’s general election.

With the Republican nomination secured, Tate Reeves is continuing down the path he started with targeting Jim Hood.

“The national democrats and their liberal allies have lined up behind Jim Hood," said Reeves Tuesday night after the race was called. "The conservative people in Mississippi have lined up behind me. So, there will be a very stark contrast in this general election and I look forward to having that conversation.”

Democrat Jim Hood says all Reeves is doing is trying to throw out labels to scare voters.

“We had a judge going against him the first time," noted Hood. "But you’ve got a prosecutor this time. And I’m going to carry these issues to the people in Mississippi just like I would a jury. And they’re going to get the facts.”

Bill Waller may not have won the GOP runoff. But his voters are now at the front of mind for both Reeves and Hood.

“We’ve had outreach from so many of those that supported Judge Waller that are intending to support us this fall. I think a lot will come over,” Hood explained. “It’s going to be a huge block of voters that will move toward our campaign.”

“I heard loud and clear what the voters said today," said Reeves. "I listened to the people who voted for Judge Waller. He had a lot of good people across Mississippi vote for him today. I heard them. And we’re going to work together.”

Healthcare will be a dividing line between the two. Reeves maintains that he will not be open to any form of Medicaid expansion. Hood believes there are both Republicans and Democrats prepared to consider it as a solution to the state’s healthcare crisis.

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