CDC investigating death possibly linked to vaping, causing concerns

CDC investigating death possibly linked to vaping, causing concerns

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A death possibly linked to e-cigarettes is under investigation by the CDC. The department believes this may be the first case of lung disease directly linked to growing vape trend.

“While vaping is different from smoking tobacco, it does have many significant risks associated with it," said Dr. Thomas Payne, a professor with the University of Mississippi’s School of Medicine.

The rise in vaping brings on concerns of lung and heart disease for researchers like Payne.

“There’s known changes to the tissues of the lungs. There’s known risks associated with it. It appears to break down immune function in the lung tissue and just a list of things from a respiratory perspective," said Payne.

Vaping also increases your risk of having a heart attack and could possibly lead to cancer. The liquid used in the devices contain chemicals that many companies misleadingly label as FDA approved.

“They are in a very small way correct that these are FDA approved but they are not FDA approved for being heated and inhaled into the lung. When you heat these compounds, they change,” said Payne.

He also said that companies market these items at a faster rate than researchers can handle, leading to a slow crackdown from the government.

“You really promote the use of it and by the time people realize it’s not good for them, they’re heavily addicted to this stop and it’s very difficult for them to stop," said Payne.

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