Recycling ‘not dead’: Officials say program remains strong

Updated: Aug. 28, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - While hundreds of cities across the country and here in Central Mississippi are suspending curbside recycling, one metro area city isn’t giving up on saving the environment.

Ridgeland maintains that their recycling program is going strong.

"Recycling is not dead," said Mike McCollum.

Quite the opposite, according to Ridgeland Public Works Director. McCollum said their recycling program is alive and well despite the market decline for recyclables.

“We look at this in the long term, and we think that recycling is definitely gonna be viable,” said McCollum. “Contrary to what some people say our programs here in Ridgeland are going strong."

Four thousand five hundred single family homes and 160 businesses recycle of the city’s 25, 000 residents.

The public works director said there’s a myth that recyclables are ending up in landfills. Waste Management now transports their items to Memphis, but he previously visited the Summit facility.

“There’s been some information put out there that some of it might be put in the garbage, but it’s not,” said McCollum. “I’ve personally gone down to the facilities and seen it myself and they are processing your recyclables, and they are being sold to people who use the products.”

Ridgeland also offers two drop off locations at the Central Fire Station and Fire Station Number 2. Officials say unfortunately, they are now being used by people coming into the city.

The city pays Waste Management about $200,000 a year for recycling.

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