Candidates for Hinds County Sheriff present their platforms to Millsaps students

Candidates for Hinds County Sheriff present their platforms to Millsaps students

Jackson, Miss. (WLBT) - Candidates for Hinds County Sheriff made their last-minute trek around the county ahead of the runoff.

Incumbent Sheriff Victor Mason and Former Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance were at a Millsaps College’s “Meet the Candidates” event today.

“It is simple: If it broke, don’t fix it,” said Sheriff Victor Mason.

Sheriff Victor Mason shared with students at Millsaps that he wants another four years to continue to make Hinds County a better place to live, work and play.

Mason says his more than 35 years of local, state and federal law enforcement experience makes him more qualified to do the job.

“I want them to understand they have a sheriff that cares. Not one that punches the clock at 8 a.m. then goes home at 5 p.m.," said Sheriff Mason.

Challenger Lee Vance could also be seen talking and shaking hands with the students that day before the big runoff.

The former Jackson police chief says he helped protect and serve the city of Jackson for decades and now he wants to bring the same productive and positive change to Hinds County.

“Thirty years of experience, not just experience, but good experience, productive experience, being able to solve problems,” said Vance.

Improving safety and staffing Hinds County Dentition Center was also a hot topic at today’s event.

“I think we need to be factually informative to the public and be able to describe what’s at stake. Are we going to continue to pour money into a facility that is clearly faulty and clearly not safe?" asked Vance.

"Or do we make plans in the direction of building a new one? Right now, I’m not hearing any dialogue from county government about it. I am ready to bring this to the table,” he continued.

“First, I would have stronger dialog with the board of supervisors to move the inmates out. Number two, I know we won’t be able to build a new jail, so let’s improve what we got. Number three, funding. In order to get quality staff, you have to pay them,” said Mason.

During the primary election, Vance picked up 38-percent of the vote. Sheriff Mason received around 32-percent.

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