Man found on Horton Ave was a father of 3, may have known his killer

8-23 Nick Boykin's mother speaks

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Nancy Wessel couldn’t even tell the body at the morgue was her 26-year-old son, Nick Boykin.

She knew it was him because as she said, “He has his daddy’s shoulders and his mama’s ears.”

Even though they’d confirmed his identity through fingerprints, she wanted to see him for herself, to hold him one last time.

“And to have to hug your child through a body bag... You always want to hug them and tell them goodbye,” she said, her voice thick with grief.

Wessel knew in her gut that something had happened to her son Boykin when she hadn’t seen him in a few days and she got a call from his cell phone at 3 a.m. She called it back, and the voice on the other side denied any knowledge of where he was. He even said that he had been with Nick, but “couldn’t remember” if he had been in the car with him.

But something was wrong, she felt it in the giant knot she said had settled in her stomach. She went to Google to see if there were any local unidentified homicide victims. That’s when she found a John Doe on Horton Avenue.

And she just knew. A mother’s intuition is rarely ever wrong.

She called the police and told them she was afraid that was her son. She said that it felt as though they were dismissing her until she gave a female detective a description of Nick.

The woman got stone silent, she said. Not long after, they called to inform her that her son was dead.

Because the case is under investigation, police aren’t communicating much to the family. That can feel like they’re not working on the case. Nancy said she doesn’t know if they are or if they aren’t, but she and her family have passed along several witnesses, suspects, and tips that they feel may not be being addressed.

“From that point on, it’s just been no answers at all, no updating the family on anything at all except, 'Ms. Boykin, it has been confirmed that that is your son Nick,” she said.

Nancy said she believes several of the people who were with Nick when he was beaten faceless, shot in the femoral artery, and allowed to bleed out, were people he knew... and in some cases, she did too. That’s what makes it extra hard. One particular person the family suspects was practically family, back to when Nick was a teenager.

“I wish that every night that they’re in that jail, they have a nightmare of the same thing they did to my son, happening to their children. And then that they wake up in the middle of the night, screaming," Nancy said. “And I want them to know that this is how I feel.”

Jackson Police Department confirms a person of interest was brought in this morning. Spokesman Roderick Holmes told us by text that information was gathered, but no one has yet been arrested in that case.

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