Deuce McAllister evaluates Saints heading into third preseason game

Updated: Aug. 24, 2019 at 6:24 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints are halfway through the preseason and while there is plenty left to unfold before the roster is whittled down to 53 players on Saturday, August 31st, certain parts of the team have come into focus.

Taysom Hill was the star of the Saints’ road game aganist the Chargers “He looked like a quarterback," Deuce McAllister said of the third-year player out of BYU who turned 29 on Friday. "And not an athlete playing quarterback, he looked like a pure quarterback. There was no ‘Okay, let me take off, my first option isn’t there.’ He was able to go to his second option, third option and really when he was truly flushed out of the pocket, that’s where you just see him be a natural athlete.”

Austin Carr celebrates as he crosses the goal line for a touchdown catch (Edwin Goode, FOX 8)
Austin Carr celebrates as he crosses the goal line for a touchdown catch (Edwin Goode, FOX 8)

Hill came on in relief of Teddy Bridgewater, who started the game, despite dealing with an illness “I think that contributes to it a little but even Teddy manned up and owned it afterwards but he has to play better and he knows he has to play better. Here’s one of the things that you have to take into consideration. There’s only going to be so many quarters that he is playing. There are only so many snaps for him when you talk about preseason. So if he doesn’t go that game, we may be only looking another quarter to three in the next two games that he gets to play so I can understand him wanting to play but at the same time, the performance is what it is and it was not good.”

The Saints struggled to mount much offense in the first half and the bad performance was punctuated when the period ended with a Chargers 81-yard punt return for a touchdown “I don’t think you’re ever happy when you get one housed against you but if you go and look, Cyril Grayson gets blocked in the back right there! So that should have been a flag but there is, I know the traction on the field played a part of it. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had a chance, he’s got to pull the trigger. You’ve seen him probably get fussed at a little bit about pulling the trigger when he has a shot on a returner and you’re that gunner, you have to do it. You can’t hesitate. Even if you miss, you force him into two guys that are sitting there waiting on you so it’s disappointing when this happens to you because, look, they’ve put in time when you talk about special teams. They’ve really put in time when you talk about coverage so it’s really disappointing whenever that happens.”

The Saints will be back in action Saturday night against the Jets in Meadowlands, New Jersey. Coverage starts on FOX 8 at 6 PM leading into kickoff at 6:30 with postgame coverage to follow. Deuce McAllister appears weekly on FOX during the season on Sundays and Mondays, capped off by the Black and Gold Review Show, Mondays at 10:35 PM.

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