Lawmakers hear from Gulf Coast, Delta leaders on flooding impact

Flood impact hearing

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - From the Gulf Coast to the Delta, business leaders and farmers are voiding their concerns about the impact from flooding.

Thursday morning a joint meeting of the Mississippi Senate Finance and Tourism Committee was held at the Capitol.

State lawmakers heard from Delta residents as well as business and community leaders from the Gulf Coast.

Beaches on the coast were closed last month, due to a toxic algae bloom.

That was caused by freshwater from the Mississippi River, mixing with the gulf saltwater.

Officials there say they’re seeing a direct impact on revenue, due to the lack of visitors.

Biloxi Mayor Andrew Gilich said, “We’re very concerned about the long term. Already hit us this summer, we’re concerned what’s going to happen next year, the following year, because it seems like the waters coming down from 41 states, two providence’s in Canada and it’s winding up in Mississippi and Louisiana.”

Officials on the Gulf Coast say the summer tourism season started out the best it had in the last four year.

In July after the beaches were closed, everyone from the charter boat industry to restaurants and hotels, began losing customers.

Some businesses have even talked about layoffs.

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