‘He watched his daddy die’: Ridgewood Road shooting survivor recounts night friend was killed

Police say more arrests are expected

‘He watched his daddy die’: Ridgewood Road shooting survivor recounts night friend was killed

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson police made an arrest in Sunday night’s drive-by shooting death on Ridgewood Road.

25-year-old Alexis Black is charged with murder, aggravated assault, and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

It’s connected to the death of 29-year-old Ernest Myers Junior.

A woman in the car with Myers when the shooting happened is now sharing what happened that night. She wishes to remain anonymous.

“They blew in shots through the back glass and one went through the back of his neck," she recalls. “He grabbed the back of his neck, he looked at me, his hand was covered in blood and he just collapsed over on top of me.”

According to Myers’ friend, the shooting stemmed from an altercation earlier in the night with Alexis Black, his ex-girlfriend.

Black, who didn’t answer her phone for almost 5 hours, eventually told them to meet her and her current boyfriend in the Kroger parking lot to drop off Myers’ son.

That’s where an altercation happened between Black, Myers, and two other men in the car.

Myers’ passenger tells us he did not want to fight so he drove off, but he was followed.

She says Black and the two men all shot at Myers multiple times, killing him in his car.

“They got mad because he was mad at Alexis. But he never once said anything, like, out of the way threatening her, he never once said anything like that. They were just mad because he had been blowing up her phone and that’s what the fight transpired about and everything."

To make things worse, she says the two men had Myers’ son and another child in the car with them while they shot at him.

“They were trying to fight in front if his son and everything. I mean, his son saw the gunshots. And, I mean, he watched his daddy die.”

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