’Batman and Robyn': Efforts to bring Waffle House to Oxford moving in the right direction

If you build it, they will come

’Batman and Robyn': Efforts to bring Waffle House to Oxford moving in the right direction
This is where it all started -- the campaign for a Waffle House in Oxford

OXFORD, Miss. (WLBT) - It started with a professor’s Twitter jokes, and could soon end in a new restaurant in Oxford.

“I think Twitter is like open mic night at the comedy club, where no one can take your mic away,” said Ole Miss Law Professor Dr. David Case.

Case has made a name for himself with his witty Twitter. He’s been tweeting about Waffle Houses since he lived in Hernando, where the goings-on at the Waffle House were chronicled on his Twitter.

When he moved to Oxford, the joke became talking about how he didn’t get to go to Waffle House anymore since Oxford doesn’t have one.

Then one day Mayor Robyn Tannehill followed Case on Twitter.

“The funny thought that popped into my head was, ‘Here’s another opportunity to make a joke about Waffle House,’” he said.

So he took a screenshot of the notification and tweeted it out with “Omg you guys I am SO about to get a Waffle House in Oxford.”

It was a slow Friday afternoon, so Tannehill thought, “'Why does Oxford not have a Waffle House?' Which is a fabulous question.”

Then she crafted an email to the Waffle House corporate types. It was short and to the point.

“Hey I’m the mayor of Oxford. We’ll have a parade when you get here. We can’t be the only SEC town without a Waffle House. I’m out front let me know when you’ll be here,” she wrote.

“I took a screenshot of that and send it to David Case and said, ‘Challenge accepted,’” Tannehill said.

That excited the whole Oxford and Ole Miss family, past, present and future.

The Waffle House in Oxford was trending worldwide within just a few hours, she said. Waffle House noticed.

Soon they were in touch with Tannehill, and the day the CEO called, she honestly thought someone was playing a joke on her.

There have been care packages sent to her office, as well as to Case. Nametags, too -- one that says, “David/ Batman,” and one that says “Robyn." Case argues that Tannehill should be Batman since she has the power connections, but she insists that it was Case’s Twitter stroke that made this thing gain traction.

Plus, she said, she’s already Robyn.

Things are pretty hush-hush when you ask about the progress of the possible project, but Tannehill confirmed that Waffle House executives have been to Oxford and had been looking at real estate.

“So, we’ve got our fingers crossed,” she said.

Case is already dreaming of the perfect Waffle House scenario.

“I would like a stool at the counter that’s kind of like my stool, like Norm on ‘Cheers,’” Case said. “And maybe when I come in everyone would yell my name.”

Meanwhile, Batman and Robyn are planning the parade, too.

“We think we should ride in a convertible and throw waffles like Frisbees, instead of candy. Don’t you think?” she said.

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