Tate Reeves prepares for primary runoff

Tate Reeves prepares for primary runoff

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - There’s a week left for Tate Reeves to drum up excitement and to encourage voters to turn out again.

“We think we can grow our vote and grow the number of people that go to the polls next Tuesday, but we can’t do it alone,” Reeves said to a group of supporters at a meet-and-greet Tuesday night.

Earlier in the day, he was joined by Governor Phil Bryant, former Governor Haley Barbour and other GOP elected officials at party headquarters. All of them stuck to a message of “this isn’t personal.”

“There’s a lot of good people running for Governor," said Governor Phil Bryant. "I’m not here to personally judge anyone, but I am here to tell you there’s one conservative in this race.”

“This election and the Republican primary... two good people," noted former Governor Haley Barbour. "This is not about who’s a good person, who’s a bad person. Bill Waller’s a nice guy. I worked with them as governor, thought he was a great chief justice. I think he’s a good person. This is about policy. This is about issues.”

Those issues haven’t changed for Reeves. Just as before the primary, he’s driving home two distinct differences on Medicaid expansion and gas taxes. He says that’s the fault line in the race. But now he’s also adding that Bill Waller and Jim Hood agree on those positions.

“I disagree with him on policy and elections are supposed to be about policy and when you talk about Obamacare and taxes, we couldn’t be more different," said Reeves. "He couldn’t be more like Jim Hood and he and I couldn’t be more different.”

Reeves says the campaign is working to reach out to voters in those Metro counties he lost in the primary but is hopeful about what he’s seeing on the campaign trail.

“With your help, we will be successful next Tuesday night,” he said to supporters.

Reeves believes his platform and policy views are resonating with voters.

“The fact that my opponent is for ObamaCare expansion. The fact that my opponent wants to raise taxes and those are issues that are so different than the vast majority of Republican voters across Mississippi. It is really something that has energized our base. It’s energized people throughout Mississippi.”

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