Law enforcement community mourns loss of Adams Co. Chief Deputy who died following wasp sting

Law enforcement community mourns loss of Adams County Chief Deputy who died following wasp sting

ADAMS COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - The Law Enforcement Community in Adams County is still grieving over the loss of one of their own who was stung by a wasp. The Adams County Coroner says Chief Deputy Wayne Rabb died of anaphylactic shock following a wasp sting Sunday.

“Any kind a story, bad or good, he make it good. He was just that type of person,” said Major William Neely.

Major Neely was emotional as talking about his friend and colleague, Chief Deputy Rabb.

“It has been overwhelming for us,” said Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten.

Sheriff Patten says he was shocked and sadden to learn about the death of one his own.

“He wasn’t just a chief deputy, he was a brother to me,” he said.

Chief Deputy Rabb died Sunday evening after being stung by a wasp. His colleagues say he was stung four weeks ago and survived, so it was heartbreaking to hear he didn’t make this time around.

“He had Benadryl," said Neely. “In fact, he kept it in his wallet all the time. He even had an EpiPen and kept it in his pocket, but sometimes you can have all the tools and it’s just not enough.”

“He had been at home working in his yard, so when I got the call I was completely stunned when I heard he got stung again and was having worse reactions than he had the last time,” recalled Patten.

Dr. Blane Mire is the chief of staff at Merit Health in Natchez.

“A single wasp sting is not always lethal of course, but it’s more about the reaction each individual person may have to the venom associated with that sting,” said Mire.

He says most people who are stung have local reactions such as a rash, redness or even swelling. The more systemic reactions can be dangerous and life-threatening.

“Dizziness, heart racing. You can have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, that’s when you have to seek medical attention right away," said Dr. Mire. “If you don’t have a EpiPen from a previous reaction, then if you have a Benadryl available to you or an Antihistamine available to you take it immediately, but you got to get to the emergency room immediately.”

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