Fitch vs. Taggart: All eyes on the GOP battle for Attorney General

Fitch vs. Taggart: All eyes on the GOP battle for Attorney General

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - One of the races getting a lot of attention heading into next week’s runoff is the GOP battle for Attorney General. Two-term State Treasurer Lynn Fitch got 44% of the vote in the Republican primary while attorney Andy Taggart picked up 29%.

Lynn Fitch is pitching a platform that she’s ready to serve from day one without a learning curve.

“If you’ve got the intersection of policy and law and finance and administration... you’re ready to go and that’s the person you want to start with you on day one,” said Fitch.

Andy Taggart says it’s his life and career experiences that have prepared him.

“For 34 years, I’ve been an active courtroom advocate which is what I think the people of Mississippi deserve in their Attorney General,” Taggart noted.

Taggart believes the key distinguishing factor between the two is that he’s a practicing attorney, including being hired by three Governors to defend the state’s laws.

“So, I’ve served in the role of the Attorney General when the Attorney General wouldn’t,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fitch doesn’t think that’s an issue.

“People understand the practice of law is very wide and I’ve been involved in so many different arenas that touch people’s lives everyday,” she explained.

In the way of strategy, both are trying to position themselves as the most conservative.

Fitch is aligning with the President.

“It’s going to be important for me to work very lock-step with the President," Fitch explained. "I’m going to be working with President Trump and his administration.”

Taggart is claiming Fitch is getting campaign money from the same people who donated to Clinton and Hood.

“It’s a clear indication that if my opponent is elected, it’s going to be four more years of what he had for the last 16 years," Taggart described. "I think the people of Mississippi are ready for a conservative Attorney General.”

Taggart has received the endorsement from their primary challenger Mark Baker.

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