Saints ‘beat the heat’ and get same quality work in with the Chargers

Latavius Murray runs through Charger tacklers. (Source: New Orleans Saints)
Latavius Murray runs through Charger tacklers. (Source: New Orleans Saints)
Updated: Aug. 16, 2019 at 7:15 PM CDT
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COSTA MESA, CA. (WVUE) - Two days of joint practices between the Saints and Chargers are now complete, and the reviews have been overwhelming positive. It didn’t take long to sense the biggest thing that stood out to the players and coaches.

“Sure you know you’re going to have good weather," said Sean Payton.

“Yeah just the weather just being out of that NOLA heat," said cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

“Work here!? What? It’s 72 degrees and sunny. The struggle is so hard to overcome sometimes when that adversity stacks up the measures you have to take are immense," said a smiling Cam Jordan.

But besides the ideal conditions, the on-field product was good. Both sides made quality plays, neither side overwhelming got the best of the other. It gave their respective teams a chance to hit an opponent, not their teammate.

“When you come to a joint practice with the Chargers, I wouldn’t say I mark it in training camp schedule but when you get out here and get to work against it’s nice to hit somebody else that’s not your guy you’re going to see five minutes after practice,” said Payton.

This was the third straight year they’ve done this, and each year they’ve had successful seasons. To follow a superstitious person would say that’s the reason, but Sean Payton says.

"Probably more coincidence. I think for us it’s the camp we’re having back at home has been good, and for me it’s you’re getting to a climate to get a little bit longer practice in without just surviving it. Getting out here you can practice three hours out here, and it feels fantastic.

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