'Too traumatized to go home’ Immigrant family recovering after violent home invasion

One of their sons remains in the hospital with three gunshot wounds

Immigrant family recovering after violent home invasion

CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - On the same day the raids took place, an Hispanic family is attacked inside their Canton home.

Sandra Agustin Matias and her family are recovering after being attacked in their home.

According to Assman Ali, their attorney, three men broke into their Canton home, shot her son Brayan Geovany, and beat another family member with a gun.

They say the crime was brought on by the ICE raids earlier in the day, where two of their family members were arrested.

The burglars apparently thought no one would be home.

“So this is a family that is a prime example of being indirect victims of the raid. Their son was shot three different times. One of the suspects has been apprehended, two remain at large," said Ali.

The firms translator spoke for Mrs. Matias, and says the children are too traumatized to go back to the home.

The family is staying at a local hospital, where their son recovers from his gunshot wounds.

The Chhabra and Gibbs Law firm is representing the family. They’ve recently started a GoFundMe to help them find a new home and get them back on their feet.

“Yesterday, they were in my office and they were crying, they’re scared even to talk about the incident. So what we’re trying to do right now is trying to get funds for them to move to another home," said Ali.

Mrs. Matias says the money would help her children regain the stability they had before that frightful night.

“She wants to be able to give her kids a good stable home so that they were before all of this. So that they can be better people," said the translator.

The family has several members that were born in the United States, and while others are in the process of becoming legalized citizens. A process, the attorneys say can take years and an immense amount of money.

“They are going through the legalization process. And we’re assisting them in finalizing that, hopefully soon. Again, four of the children are United States citizens. And the mother and the father are going through legalization process. They’ve never been in trouble they’ve been law abiding citizens. So again, this is a good family that trying to do everything the right way. But yet, were indirect victims of these raids," said Ali.

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