State Street construction continues despite frustration from residents

State Street construction continues despite frustration from residents
Construction on North State Street

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - There’s been construction on State Street ongoing since December, and the part between Hartfield Street and Choctaw Road has been one-way for quite some time now.

Some of the residents of the area are getting frustrated, where just last year they were excited, saying they were willing to endure anything to get rid of the potholes that plagued the area.

“There’s frustration when we don’t do work, and there’s frustration when we do do work," said City Engineer Dr. Charles Williams. “But I think ultimately when the project is completed, everybody’s going to be satisfied with our new infrastructure that will improve this corridor and improve their transportation access to where they need to go.”

Williams said while it may not look like there’s progress, that’s because it’s below the surface. This project is one with multiple phases, including correcting water, sewer, drainage, and paving issues.

“On Phase One where we are right now starting at Hartfield, actually you’re starting to see all of the final completion of the utilities and then the resurfacing work will probably get started maybe, weather permitting, after the holidays, in that time frame,” said Williams. “We’re still a year out from completion from all phases.”

And it isn’t just this little piece of State Street. There’s a lot more to this project.

“We’re going to see some progress on the south side of state street from Woodrow Wilson up to Fortification. We’re starting some resurfacing work there. Later on in the fall, on the Woodrow Wilson corridor within the next 19 months, you’ll see new pavement all the way from 55 to MLK, so that’s progress for this area. We’re very excited about that and looking forward to that work being completed,” Williams said.

Williams stressed that while it’s still a little inconvenient to have to detour around this area, these aren’t just surface fixes.

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