911 calls on outskirts of Clinton may end up at Hinds County dispatch

911 calls on outskirts of Clinton may end up at Hinds County dispatch

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - If you’re close to the Clinton city limits and you call 911, you might find yourself talking to Hinds County. It can take a minute to correct that when seconds count.

“If you are on the outskirts of the city when you use a cell phone to call 911, you may be pinging off a tower that’s in the county. So that tower may direct your cell phone call, your 911 call to a different dispatch than the location of your domicile,” said Mark Jones, the spokesman for the City of Clinton.

He said when you call 911, it can be a good idea to ask if you’re talking to Clinton 911 dispatch. Unfortunately, he said, those cell tower misdirects are unavoidable because that’s how cell phone technology currently works.

“Be aware of where you’re calling from, provide as quickly as you can the address of the emergency. And then also clarify, say, ‘I’m calling from Clinton, Mississippi. Is this the Clinton dispatch?’” Jones said.

There’s another option too, he said. You can also text 911 and a dispatcher can text you back. It’s also a covert way to handle a situation where you can’t make that voice call.

“If a teenager is in a threatening situation, or in a situation where they don’t want to verbally talk to 911, texting 911 at a party or on a date if you feel threatened, you can text 911 and that is a discreet way to get to emergency support,” Jones said.

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