The wait is over! Spicy nuggets are back at Wendy’s

The wait is over! Spicy nuggets are back at Wendy’s
Wendy's spicy nuggets are returning to the menu on Aug. 12. (Source: Facebook/Wendy's)

(WAFB) - In the most highly-anticipated return to a fast food restaurant’s menu, spicy nuggets are officially back at Wendy’s Monday.

“Rise and grind. Let’s get these spicy nuggs,” the fast food chain tweeted Monday morning.

The return was announced in a series of tweets last week, announcing the nuggets would return on Aug. 12 instead of the previously announced Aug. 19 release date.

Wendy’s also confirmed rumors that the nuggets will be available as part of their 4-for-4 deal.

Spicy-lovers everywhere have Chance the Rapper to thank for his tweet, which reached two million retweets in less than 24 hours.

So, if you’ve been counting down the days and saving up your money, rejoice. The time has finally come.

The only caveat is that we don’t know how long the nuggets will stay on the menu. If history tells us anything, they won’t be around forever, so get them while you can.

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