'It’s so painful’: Families affected by ICE raids ask for mercy

Families affected by ICE raids ask for mercy

CARTHAGE Miss. (WLBT) - Eva Lopez is wearing an ankle monitor, a parting gift from ICE when she was sent home from detainment.

Lopez attends St. Anne Catholic Church in Carthage, a bilingual church whose congregation has been greatly impacted by Wednesday’s immigration raids.

Her husband, who worked at a different plant, was also detained but he was not released. She also has five other family members who were taken into custody on Wednesday.

“So when I arrived at the center I realized that it was not only my company, my husband also was there in that place,” Lopez said. “So I realized my husband also was there. I told myself, ‘My children are alone now.’”

Lopez is not allowed to work now because of her ankle monitor, so she’s trying to figure out what to do about money.

Silvia Garcia, also of Carthage, was home with her children when she got an upsetting phone call.

“So my brother called me and he was hiding and he told me, ‘Talk to your husband because immigration is in the factory,’” she said.

Her husband, the breadwinner for her and her children, was detained. He called her this morning from a detainment facility in Louisiana with brave words for their family of four.

“He said he will fight to be released,” she said.

Garcia’s young son, Max, said he hopes to see his father soon.

“I would tell him ‘I love you,’” he said.

But the fear still looms for those who were affected. The children’s fear of going to school, because their remaining parent might not be there when they get home. The fear that a way of life, that for some encompasses decades, might not be the same once the process runs its course. The fear of never seeing family members again.

“I realized, I ask myself who know will take care of my children? It’s so painful,” said Lopez.

Some of the parishioners asked the government to allow them to stay.

“Thank you for the opportunities that you have given,” said Michaela Ramirez. “For these jobs that we’ve had. We’re hardworking people, and we want to do our part to make this country better too.”

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