Waters recede at Eagle Lake after months long flooding

Backwater flooding update

JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) - Floodwaters are finally starting to drain out at a steady rate in the south delta.

Some residents there are returning home for the first time, witnessing the damage to their homes.

Eagle lake flood cleanup
Eagle lake flood cleanup (Source: david kenney)

Highway 465 is being exposed from the floodwaters for the first time since February, busy with MDOT workers restoring shoulders that sloughed off.

The fastest route to Eagle Lake still a few weeks from being opened to the public according to officials.

In Eagle Lakes core communities, FEMA and MEMA workers going door to door, doing damage assessments.

Eagle Lake fire chief Earl Wallace never left. He’s not coordinating the recovery and rebuilding process for his neighbors.

Chief Earl Wallace said, “It’s emotionally draining to have been in a flood for six months, come back home and find your home pretty well destroyed not all are destroyed up here but everybody up here has been affected by this flood whether it’s lake frontage boat houses, or houses period.”

There are lakefront homes here that look like they got hit by a hurricane, structures buckled and twisted, walls siding taken out by the flood current.

Volunteers will arrive Monday with cleaning kits, helping residents get their homes ready to be lived in again.

Down the levee at the Steele Bayou flood control structure, 22 million gallons of water per minute are now passing through, drying out the 550,000 acres covered in the flood since early spring.

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