Families react after hundreds seized in Miss. raids

Families react after hundreds seized in Miss. raids
Onlookers watch as hundreds were detained at the Peco Foods plant in Bay Springs. (Source: WDAM)

BAY SPRINGS, Miss. (WDAM) - After U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids Wednesday resulted in 680 people detained, hundreds of families in Mississippi were left wondering where their loved ones are.

Families were asking ICE multiple questions but little answers were given as to the whereabouts of their family member after the raids at seven sites across Mississippi, including a Peco Foods plant in Bay Springs.

Officials said 300 people have been released from the detention center, most of whom had dependents to take care of.

As for the 360 left in custody, we are told they will be heading to a facility in Jenna, Louisiana.

A man whose wife was taken in a raid said even though they are married and he is an American citizen, his wife has had trouble becoming one herself.

He said his wife’s case has been going on for at least six or seven years.

A young girl in Jackson was crying as she pleaded for the government to free her father.

A Hispanic activist said that many of these people are here for a better life, that they’re hard working and just want to support their families.

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst tweeted this statement Thursday:

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