Jim Hood wins Democratic gubernatorial primary, gears up general election

Jim Hood wins Democratic gubernatorial primary, gears up general election
Hood wins primary (Source: david kenney)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jim Hood continued his campaigning in the Governor’s race, visiting Pecan Park Elementary one day after sweeping his Democratic opponents.

His Republican opponents noticed his strength at the polls.

This week, a group called Mississippi Strong -- a political action committee -- launched an ad campaign attacking what they call Hood’s liberal alliances.

“They got this goofy ad they’ve run four times claiming I’m some kind of liberal or talk about liberals," said Hood. "Like I said when they start talking about labels and party and all that stuff, they’re not talking about the issues like I’m talking about.”

Mississippi College Political Science professor Glen Antizzo says Republicans now see Hood is a viable candidate who could win and a threat.

“If they can turn the Governor’s mansion in a state as conservative as Mississippi, then the possibility for doing things down ballot legislation, perhaps in other states, is possible," said Antizzo. "It gives them hope, so I think the Republicans want to nip this in the bud. They’re going to launch the attack on Hood in order to soften him up for whomever it is that wins the runoff.”

Now on the offensive, Hood says he’s weeks away from releasing a report which could include Tate Reeves’ involvement in a plan to use state funds to build what would be a private frontage road along Lakeland Drive.

He expects things to heat up between now and November.

“We’ll see a nasty campaign because there are millions and millions at stake," said Hood. "These corporations who have taken our money - the reason we don’t have any money to fix bridges and for schools is because they’ve given it all away, the leadership. They’re going to come in here with all their money in the world, but money won’t buy the votes.”

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