Fraud unit tracks down water theft leading to arrests and resignations

Fraud unit tracks down water theft leading to arrests and resignations

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The City of Jackson is quietly cracking down on water theft and ridding its ranks of employees receiving free water.

A fraud unit is investigating bogus connections and tracking down thousands of dollars in losses.

Jones, a 2017 Jackson mayoral candidate, allegedly straight piped water to his Walker Avenue home for a number of years.

We went to Jones’ home after learning that he was released from jail and a man inside said the 37-year-old was not there.

The amount of water Jones allegedly received illegally constitutes fraud.

Jackson Communications Director Candice Cole has also confirmed that Public Works employee Walter Boyd has resigned.

A warrant for Boyd’s arrest has been issued in connection with water theft during this recent investigation. He lives on Corinth Street and allegedly has had an illegal water connection to his home for several years.

Cole said Boyd is expected to turn himself in at some point for alleged straight piping.

“This administration is committed to ridding any level of fraud that is hurting our customers, whether that be the recent litigation that the city is pursuing on a bad contract, or whether it be corruption within our own departments or citizens who may be knowingly stealing water from our system and people who may be aiding in that effort," said Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba. “We’re holding ourselves accountable, both internally and externally.”

The investigation into water theft in the City of Jackson continues.

Jackson police expect more arrests.

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