Neighbors describe suspected Walmart shooter as quiet and nice

Neighbors describe suspected Walmart shooter as quiet and nice
Martez Abram, 39, is accused of killing two employees at Walmart in Southaven and shooting a police officer July 30, 2019.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Martez Abram is charged in the Walmart shooting that killed two employees and injured a police officer.

Police also shot Abram who underwent surgery at the Regional Medical Center.

His Southaven neighbors like Kevin Ivy can’t believe he is the accused shooter. “He seemed real nice and real cool and quiet but this is terribly shocking, surprised.” Neighbors who described Abram as quiet are shocked that he is accused of such a crime. But neighbors got a hint around 7 this morning when police asked them to leave. “They just asked us to leave. They just asked residents to leave."

Bennette Henderson said police were at the Lakecrest Apartments not too far from the Walmart all day. “Scary everything. I mean it’s just been a hectic day.” Our camera captured an officer coming from Abram’s apartment gathering evidence. Investigators say they recovered weapons.

Neighbor, Dartha Lafayette, would see Abram as she arrived home from work and he was leaving. “When I came home from work after 4 in the morning he be coming out getting in his truck going to work.” District Attorney John Champion says 39 year old Martez Abram was suspended from his job at Walmart pending the outcome of an investigation after he walked into the store with a knife. “He was in the store and had a knife in his belt and showed it to an employee and the employee was concerned and wished to make a report.”

Champion said Abram did not have a criminal history. And the weapon he had at the shooting was purchased legally. The shooting at Walmart happened around 6:30 Tuesday morning. Dartha Lafayette told me she was at Walmart around 4 in the morning when she got off work and says everything was quiet. “I’m shocked because I never thought nothing like that would happen.” Martez Abram is charged with murder.

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