Tate Reeves discusses why he’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor

Tate Reeves discusses why he’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Tate Reeves is no stranger to running a statewide campaign. As he makes his bid for the Republican nomination for Governor, there are positions where he says he splits from his opponents.

“I’m the only conservative running for Governor in the state of Mississippi this year," explained Reeves. "I’m the one candidate that’s opposed to raising your taxes. I’m the one candidate that’s opposed to Obamacare expansion. I am the one candidate that’s ready to lead from day one.”

On Medicaid expansion, other candidates have argued it’s necessary to prevent more of the state’s rural hospitals from closing.

“I do not believe we ought to add 300,000 people to government healthcare," said Reeves. "But I’m not just opposed to Obamacare expansion for philosophical reasons. I’ve studied it. I’ve looked at the policy. I know that it’s going to cost somebody $220 million a year if the state were to expand Obamacare.”

And he argues it would be Mississippians with private insurance shouldering that cost.

He’s put forward a healthcare plan that he says would improve affordability and accessibility with items like increasing the Mississippi Rural Physician Scholarship program, creating incentives for doctors to locate to under served areas and using more telemedicine.

As mentioned, Reeves has drawn a hard line on not supporting raising the gas tax. He points to the funding approved during the 2018 special session. But what does he says to those who say it’s just a band-aid on a crisis?

“In the first trunks of money, there’s about 350-400 bridges across Mississippi that are currently getting fixed," Reeves explained. "But we’ve got more work to do. We haven’t solved the problem and moved on. This was a good first step. I am committed to continuing to find ways to find savings in state government and reinvest in those core functions of government like roads and bridges.”

He’s also spent a lot of time discussing policy proposals related to economic issues. And he believes workforce development will be a big part of that, including incentives for high school graduates to earn industry credentials.

On the issue of education, he supports school choice and has pushed measures in recent years to give options to parents on where they send their kids to school.

“I’m committed to making Mississippi an even better place to invest capital, an even better place to create jobs and ultimately an even better place to raise a family,” Reeves said.

But he’s not focusing on his fellow Republicans running for the seat.

“Jim Hood won’t, but I will,” he said repeatedly during his campaign kick-off.

Here’s why he says he’s taking that approach.

“We have two other people running this race," he said. "And they’re perfectly good people. They have very different opinions on things like Obamacare expansion and gas taxes than what I believe in. But the main thing in 2019 is that our political enemy is not one another. Our political enemy is the liberal policy ideas of the party of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Jim Hood.”

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